About Us

Vaudio Services has over two decades of technical hands-on experience with audio/ video systems. From our office in Brisbane, we have developed a reputation built upon personalised service, reliability and value for money.

Our friendly staff provide service to clients ranging from clubs, schools, corporates, small business and residential. We are commited to customer satisfaction and pride ourselves on the variety and quality of services we provide. These include but are not limited to:

  • Audio visual and multi media installations
  • Equipment supply
  • Expert advice on technological advances
  • Repairs
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Staff training
  • System integration
  • Total solution analysis and system design

We are an Australian owned company who has a strong relationship with both AV suppliers and manufacturers. Our technicians are qualified, accredited and all workmanship is guaranteed. All equipment is supported by the manufacturers as we use only Australian certified equipment that is designed for Australian conditions and to be sold in Australia. We are not bound by any one manufacturer or obligated to promote any particular brand or product. All offerings provided by Vaudio Services are requirement-based unless specifically requested by the client.

Vaudio Services does not engage in the practice of limiting estimates to provide a lower cost and then request variations once awarded the project. While some variations may be required, under normal circumstance we endeavour to provide the complete price estimate upfront.

Call us toll free on 1300 742 785.

Client Experiences

Our team of qualified and experienced staff provide services to clients in the corporate and private sectors as well as private individuals. Some of our recent clients include:

Our Services

Vaudio Services provide all aspects of Audio Visual systems - from intimate meeting facilities to large scale fully automated venues and just about everything in between.

We are extremely passionate about Audio Visual and customer service.

Our services have been utilised by many professionals across a variety of industries ranging from commercial and professional sectors, the arts, entertainment and interactive road shows. If it has an Audio Visual component we are able to assist you too.

Whether you are looking at a new installation or having the existing installation maintained and given a new lease of life, we are able to assist. We put in the time and effort to understand your requirements and ensure that your requirements are achieved. We also provide you with all the information that will enable you to get the most out of your audio visual system.

Vaudio Services is cm3 certified amongst others so we meet our legislative duty of care to ensure our work practices are safe.

Our goal is customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

NEW SOLUTIONS Vaudio Services offer a full turn key solution from concept to implementation. You have peace of mind that through the process you are dealing with actual technicians.

RECTIFICATION Vaudio Services is known for being a problem solver on projects that require an edge to bring them right, call today to discuss various options we can provide for your system.

SERVICE Vaudio Services pride ourselves on fast and honest service solutions to keep you operational. We also offer programmed maintenance schedules for customers who can't afford to be without an operational system at any time. We take time to learn the customers requirments and design a practical service solution based on requirments.

PRODUCT SUPPORT Vaudio Services works with the manufactures and suppliers closely to ensure positive equipment solutions utilising devices to their complete potential to be certain the end user is receiving the full benefits available.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT We pride ourselves on our customer service and support at all times.

Vaudio Services offer hassle-free servicing and installations. We specialize in rectification of existing works. Vaudio Services step up when other AV companies say it can't be done or were unable to complete the task.

Contact us to set up a meeting with an Audio Visual professional to discuss your requirements 1300 742 785.

We Offer

  • LED / LCD display solutions
  • After hours support
  • Interactive systems
  • Digital signage solutions
  • Installation and design of AV systems
  • Multi-media installations
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Service and support
  • Supply of equipment
  • Testing and commissioning of systems
  • Training of staff
  • Public Address systems
  • Back ground music systems
  • Paging systems


Our dedicated team is able to provide a full analysis of your system and provide a complete report outlining a scheduled maintenance program to ensure you are receiving the most from your equipment at all times.